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From Pre-History to Today: Rational Living & Thinking

Make the workmanship surpass the materials.
– Ovid

Our history repeatedly shows the value of rational thinking – and the limitations of overlooking reality.
– John Vespasian 

Rational Living Can Prevent Treatment Failure

To the extent that the current state of mind science is based upon beliefs and not upon reality is the cause of significant years of suffering. Rational living involves structured, timely reactions to changing reality.

Ed Note:

It is interesting to hear the progression of Vespasian’s thinking and writing. In our interview, though somewhat difficult with his Dutch accent [recorded from the Netherlands], an interesting theme evolved based upon insights from early recorded history.  Change happens. Preparation for change, with plans and objective strategies  based upon logic and consensus, can provide solutions that stand the test of time.

For Vespasian historical and philosophical references abound. In each of his books Vespasian connects daily living with hard data from Livy, who wrote the History of Rome, to practical applications from philosophers such as Hegel who connects the data of experience with reality and rationality.

His Message In A Sentence:

The process of rational thinking and living reaches far beyond the self-help maxims of positive thinking.

Vespasian’s Books: 


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