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New Mind Markers: Technology Improves Mind Targets

… come to think of it, you can’t get there from here.
Burt and I: Which way to Millinocket?

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.
~ Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

You Know It: This Old Brain Bus Won’t Take You There

The Pervasive Problem:
Ask yourself this relevant mind markers question: “Why do so many fear/disdain psychiatric treatment and psychiatric medications?”

ADHD, Brain Reality, Brain Measures, mind markers

This Bus Won’t Take You There

The Answer In A Word – Unpredictability:

The diagnostic standards for the use of psychiatric medications arise from appearances, descriptions, and speculation encouraged by the recently “updated” DSM-5 Diagnostic Manual.

Brain measures, mind markers, neuroscience, hard biomedical data, real brain evidence, grows daily but remains outside of the medical standard of care.  However, real mind challenges do exist in measurable realities, beyond the current DSM-5 Diagnostic Manual, beyond existing outdated diagnostic frameworks based on impressions instead of data.

But those contemporary mind realities aren’t found in the extant diagnostic bible. Beliefs and dogma now outweigh recent peer-reviewed, data-driven perceptions.

Mind Markers Overlooked:

The applications of functional, biologically-based brain and body measurements remain pervasively ignored. Our collective humanity lives in the complexity of coping with real life beyond standardized label-beliefs and orthodox dogma. That new, measurable cellular and subcellular set of variables include Brain Function, Metabolic Challenges, Change, Cognition, Context, and Working Memory.


Galileo Would Immediately Understand This Mind Marker Problem

Remember Galileo:
Even today many hesitate to trust recent discoveries. Today it’s not about revising the Geocentric Universe, the Sun rotating around Rome, it’s about the Diagnostic Manual and new metaphoric telescopes that provide real laboratory data for more street smart, more universal, more interesting, more precise applications. Our current system of mental care is EBNE, as Dr. Edward de Bono notes, “Excellent, but not enough.

Enter Critical Thinking

Too often those accepted appearance criteria contradict the complexity of contemporary mind-science. Missing today: Critical Thinking – see this list of those actively considering the evolution of scientific thought, primarily as related to new mind evidence. From Galileo to Insel, to Walsh, critical thinking remains involved with new perceptions, discoveries, from neuroscience. Our current understandings of biologic mind complexity today stretch far beyond those early days of dreams and fantasies in the mid 20th century. Yes, we’re still using those outdated criteria, while coincidentally ignoring hard laboratory data – from functional brain imaging to epigenetics and the subcellular activities of transporter proteins on presynaptic neurons.

Clarifying diagnostic mind targets will simultaneously improve treatment protocols. If the sun isn’t rotating around the earth, then let’s use available, cost-effective measurement technology to precisely understand what is happening in that old universe of diagnostic speculation.


Science, Reality, Change & Cognition

Ancient beliefs about causality, diagnosis, and how to correct brain imbalances now need serious revision. An additional exemplary, glaring psychiatric oversight: two remarkably significant mind challenges, Reality, and Cognition, appear to have almost entirely escaped the attempted recent corrections in the “revised” DSM-5 psychiatric diagnostic manual.

It’s important to note that the way humans cognitively deal with changing reality does improve our circumstances for safety and endurance among other species. Each relationship with the process of change – from the process of thinking about a change to reacting to change – is what sets us apart both as individuals and as a species – but remains almost entirely overlooked in 2014. Remarkable.

Cows, Brain Measures, And Executive Function

When you read “Executive Function,” think: “Self Management.” Self-management is a process over time, not a static label with rampant categorical implications.

Start with inarguable basics. Humans are different from cows. Cows live with nearly nonexistent executive function. When it rains, they continue to stand in the field and munch grass. You and I would go inside. The reality, the context of rain, does change around the lives of those munching cows, but they don’t adjust to that change.

Our brain, our executive function tool, lodged mostly in the prefrontal cortex, regularly cognitively considers, then identifies and adjusts to each changing reality and makes necessary adjustments to our ever-changing circumstances in life.

Kid Talk

What have kids pointed out since grade school days about those who miss the changing reality? “He’s out of it.” Translation: he’s out of timing, out of sync with changing reality. I can see it, and he doesn’t.


If we humans use executive function tools for every truth from corporate leadership to marital bliss, why is Executive Function so dramatically neglected in contemporary psychiatry?

New mind science, neuroscience evidence, dramatically improves thinking about thinking.

Increasingly both professionals and the public can quickly see the limitations of using only psychopharmacology and outdated appearance diagnoses for the complexity of mental challenges. Medications provide useful answers for many, but far too often dysfunctional mind activities stream on beyond the range of cut and paste medications answers.

This challenge of limited perceptions presents the most pervasive malfunction of psychiatry today.

In point of fact, the complexity of each human life exists as separate perceptions in the lives of every person and disdains homogenized solutions. Psychiatric interventions require far more customization, less managed-care commoditization, and far more neuroscience-based medical precision. Without attention to those crucial details, we can expect to continue the dark ages before data, before Galileo and informed telescopic interventions.

ADHD & Executive Function – Low Hanging Fruit

Mind Maps That Don’t Work – “ADHD” Is Inaccurate and Outdated

Nowhere in psychiatry are these several medical perplexities more fully realized than in the diagnosis and treatment of “ADHD,” only a small tip of the significantly more massive Executive Function Iceberg. Nowhere in psychiatry is there more public outcry, medical confusion, labeling consternation and medication imprecision than in the current vagaries of ADHD diagnosis and treatment. Brain measures remain remarkably absent.

unseen biomedical impedimentsThe current labeling system is logical, reasonable and often useful for short periods, however, it, more frequently than not, disregards the peer-reviewed perceptions of modern brain science associated with informed self-management over time. Drifting in the North Atlantic some ADHD icebergs are recognizable from the surface, but the real, the functional brain challenges float beneath the surface as manifest Executive Function Challenges.

As I often note elsewhere: It wasn’t the tip of the iceberg that sunk the Titanic. Why not tag the icebergs in the sea of contemporary psychiatry?

Solutions Are Available

If the current standard of care for ADHD completely misses the measurement and treatment of thinking for this undeniable thinking-in-disarray process, then it follows that we, by default, also miss multiple diagnostic issues in contemporary psychiatry.

So let’s start with the basics:  I’m creating multiple Mind Marker coursework opportunities for these subsets of perceptions:

  1. for adult patients
  2. for adolescent and Child patients
  3. for psychiatrists child and adult
  4. for medical professionals
  5. for nurse practitioners
  6. for internal medicine specialists
  7. for pediatricians
  8. for family practice
  9. for psychologists
  10. for the international community

I’ll start with ADHD because it’s such a remarkably obvious and pervasive problem. An outline for the CoreBrain Academy coursework is here – and I plan to launch the first classes in Jan. 1019:  – So do pop over here and sign up for updates on the launch and course details.

As a further example of this muddled diagnostic point in the meantime, think and tweet about this additional vexing and representative observation:

The actual functional/processing/reality problem: Abundance. The antique/default/reductionistic/inadequate/disrespectful label: Deficit.

Dr. de Bono likes markers:

…90% of errors in thinking aren’t errors of thinking, but rather errors of perception.
Edward de Bono

Implications For Psychiatric Diagnosis And Treatment

These ADHD superficial assessments, unencumbered by real data, by underlying brain and body function connected to contemporary neuroscience, encourage everyone to continue to effortlessly speculate about both diagnosis and treatment for some other mental conditions as well – including depression, anxiety, bipolar, and PTSD. Without science everyone from your family practitioner to cotton farmers in Possum Hollow become, by default of whimsy and fashion, board certified in Psychiatry.

If interested in even more excellent information regarding Epigenetic change and Dr. William Walsh – Connect At This Link.


ADHD Video Examples For Clinical Brain Measures

As an example, to show how to use brain science to create common sense solutions I’ve created this playlist that addresses measurable functional variables for assessing and treating ADHD. When you review these videos notice how simple it is to connect the recognizable functional dots, beyond the veneer of description.

Wend your way through this video playlist to see how easily Executive Function Challenges can play out in everyday life: 49 min for the entire list, but you can select specific topics by opening this one up in YouTube :idea:!


For More On Dr. Bill Walsh & Methylation Measures

A four-page PDF Summary of his new book Nutrient Power and Epigenetic challenges that directly change brain function:

Click Here to Download


Be well, and please consider leaving a comment below.

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