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  • Twenty-two veterans commit suicide every day. Simply drugging our troops is not the solution.
    ~ Dr. Bart Billings – CBJ/031
  • It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.
  • You know what, I had to switch – now combat doesn’t matter anymore.
    ~ Jocko Willink, Ex-Seal Officer in Charge of Training – West Coast Teams [YouTube @ min. 3:33]


Start Here With This Jocko Reframe


Check Your Attitude – Combat Training Prepared You For New Realities

First of all, profound thanks to every veteran for stepping into harm’s way, from direct combat to remote support, for your courageous steps into unknown territories – up and on it to protect our freedoms, our country, and our values. Thank you.

This intro video from Jocko sets the tone for our many brain and trauma experts here at CBJ. They will help vets, you and your home teams, to reframe your options – no matter how bad it is for you at this moment – to turn your life around. His Leadership/Recovery Perspective book is essential reading to move forward, and available at this Global Link: Extreme Ownership.

You’re Here Because You Were There, And You’re Looking For Answers

We don’t claim to have all the answers here, but you can find some serious can-dos from these profoundly experienced guests. They’re sharp, quick, and all of them have direct experience with many of your challenges in an uncertain world.

Yes, vets do need – and can benefit from – improved, more expert, resources with improved maps. Interviews with these outstanding professionals and researchers bring new hope with upgraded insights for both vets and their families. Every one of these CBJ Episodes adds new, useful assessment tools and actionable treatment strategies for so many who find themselves hopeless, lost deep in the woods, alone with no maps and no compass.

Re-engage: Not Just For Vets

Sit down with your support system, your colleagues, and your loved ones –  listen up and take action. These seasoned brain and recovery experts bring specific recovery details for vets, you and your family, your home team, right there to your reality, wherever you are.

Your mind and body live in, at this moment, unfamiliar territories.  As a vet, you experienced different, unusual, personal realities. Your return to ‘ordinary life’ presents new perceptions and a process with additional, different challenges. In a way, it’s a different form of combat with self-reliance still out front.

For it matters not how small the beginning may seem to be:
What is once well done is done forever.
~ Henry David Thoreau

Get After It Here

33 Episodes: Tools For Vets – CoreBrain Journal Experts – Regularly Updated 

008 PTS/PTSD/TBI Recovery Siefkas suffered three traumas, head injury, divorce and the loss of an excellent job when she suffered a surprise brain injury in her backyard. Perspective and purpose can change your life – it did hers. Attitude matters.

012 Concussion/TBI Acupuncture Treatment Joanny Liu discusses her experience as a practitioner working with brain injury through acupuncture and deeper understandings. It’s different and sounds edgy, but surprisingly inclusive and efficient. It’s a tool that works.

018 Neurocranial Restructuring for the Cranial Vault Dean Howell reports on a variety of issues from migraines and TBI to, get this, fixing a celebrity’s facial structure – how he works to correct cranial/skull challenges. Sounds strange but he will tell you the details. He moves the skull itself – and can also move your face around as well – constructively.

022 Depression & Suicide Survival Virden makes it her job to provide why, how and what to do to move forward with any life arrested by suicidal thinking and attempts. Her energy is contagious, her insights utilitarian. Here she shares with us the remarkable details of her turn-around. We’re glad she came back.

025 Methylation Imbalances – Dr. Bill Walsh – These methylation insights at first, appear so unfamiliar they sound like snake oil. But after personally reviewing more than 3 million biomedical test results, after presentations and warm receptions from places such as the American Psychiatric Association, he’s a recognized global expert. From his direct experience with serial murderers, psychotics, and “personality disorders” with brain injury and PTSD Dr. Walsh explains in this episode how measuring cost-effective molecular details can improve the treatment plan, even with failed treatment using psych meds. This CBJ/025 – Republished with more notes at CBJ/115 is the most frequently downloaded Episode here at CBJ. His Entire Series of 4 Episodes – A Priority Listen.

029 Yoga, Stress, Destress and Veterans Stokes-Eggleston is an experienced yoga master and a military wife who, among others, worked with her husband, a vet who returned seriously injured. She reports recovery to us from the actual, verifiable inside data, directly from home life and the vets she mentors on many levels.

031 Combat Stress Bart Billings is one of the foremost thought leaders in the world regarding the proper management, medical treatment and, most importantly, accurate evaluations for returning vets. He pulls no punches and speaks from extensive line experience. His details offer much hope and essential maps for improvements in the current system that too often overlooks biomedical complexity. This guy has been there and done that. He runs the largest conference in the world on Combat Stress. Mandatory.

034 Copper & Kryptopyrrole Bill Walsh describes in useful detail how easy, cost-effective measurement and correction of unbalanced copper and kryptopyrrole levels caused by combat stress can significantly add to depression, even psychosis, and fans the flames of substance abuse – because psych meds don’t touch these measurable challenges. PTSD and TBI are both often associated with these biomedical findings – both of these often present as elevated., measurable and correctable. Accurate measures must become a part of every stress-recovery. Must Listen 

046 Music & TBI/PTS Recovery Doman is one of the most advanced investigators with a recovery application that at first may sound flaky, but when you listen to Alex’s interesting insights, your lights will go on. Music heals. He designs recovery programs for vets that address biomedical complexity beyond medications.

048 Chronic Pain Recovery Daniel Twogood addresses vital inflammatory contributions to treatment failure for use in your home, with fewer, even no meds. Measure for sensitivities and correct those variables with a different, more data-driven, evidence-based approach. This episode may sound a bit edgy, but this is where everyone is going with physical trauma.

062 Audio Visual Entrainment Siever discusses a most unusual combination of light and sound applications called audio-visual entrainment for brain balance and recovery from stress, anxiety, brain injury and PTSD. Dave’s research and experience with AVE bring cost-effective tools home for remarkably fast improvements.

063 Neuromodulated Sound – Dr. George Lindenfeld shares his mission, his passion, his drive to provide this exceedingly practical tool for vets stuck in treatment failure even after years of disappointment and hopelessness. Sounds, when dialed into targeted neuronal networks, now improve the recovery process.

064 Emotional Freedom Technique – Kai Ashley shares her experience of recovery from years of childhood trauma and later physical maladies. EFT does sound edgy, but links in this episode document work at Walter Reed, Harvard, and international research. Another benefit, EFT can work virtually, without travel.

070 Physical Disability Recovery – Dr. Richard Tscherne reports on his personal experience with physical disabilities from a lifetime in a wheelchair with cerebral palsy. His encouraging perspective brings hope and the usefulness of following a specific plan to recovery from severe physical limitations.

077 Addiction Recovery Evolves – Dr. Anthony Mele discusses the evolution of addiction recovery and treatment initiatives. His critical point: how you think will contribute to your recovery. Just repeating mantras doesn’t compare with biological assessment and deeper understanding of the complexity of the mind-treatment process. Recovery evolves.

083 Chronic Pain | Kinesiology – Dr. Mike Greenberg reports specifics regarding how to identify and use practical, physical/body markers, for both past and present treatment impediments, through a process considered woo-woo by many. A significant additional value: no opiates – and he reports examples of how it works for chronic pain and world-class athletes.

087 Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation – Fisher, CEO discusses research and the evolution of this FDA-cleared, cost-effective, home use tool [Fisher-Wallace Stimulator] to address a multiplicity of issues from insomnia, depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, TBI/PTS challenges, and addiction recovery problems from alcohol to opiates. Safe. Interesting. Must Listen.

095 Trauma Resilience & Recovery Monica Powers shares the details of how underlying resilience can become a useful part of any recovery program. Resilience arises from a variety of systems – from community support to fundamental changes in attitudes about change in life’s big picture. One tool: from Victim to Survivor.

099 First Responders Trauma, Reality & Return Mathias a first responder, team leader, and retired FEMA Disaster Safety Officer reports on Oklahoma, Katrina, and the 9-11 Pentagon attack with experience of contact trauma and the Do-It-and-Return-Grid they learned in Oklahoma. The plan: Pre, During, and Decompress – dealing with feeling, thinking, recovery.

111 Adrenal Fatigue & Exhaustion – – Joel Hensley is a wellness coach with personal adrenal fatigue challenges, and he didn’t come back from combat. No matter what the medical skeptics tell you, chronic fatigue is manageable if you simply use FDA approved basic measurements – often not provided by your local medical lab. Our CBJ recovery theme is indispensable: measure for targets before you start shooting. What a radical idea!

114 Hemingway’s Brain Andy Farah is a psychiatrist, psychopharmacologist, and brain injury expert who details in this 1 hour special how CTE, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, chronic medical conditions, alcohol abuse and ECT treatments at the Mayo Clinic significantly contributed to Hem’s loss of hope. You will feel like you were there with us all in Paris and Ketchum. Must listen.

116 Suicide, Brain Injury & Recovery – Hampton is an author and a survivor who tells us in detail how she made it out of her woods. You can hear in her voice she still has problems, even with speaking, yet nevertheless joins us to talk about HBOT, Neurofeedback and her particular recovery tools. She brings hope right to your doorstep.

118 Neuropsychology Maps Minds Dr. Michelle Braun brings home the details on why neuropsychological testing forms such an essential foundation for brain recovery over time. With neuropsych testing, and retesting if indicated, the specifics of brain imbalances come dramatically into focus. If you don’t look, you can’t see. Essential for brain injury recovery.

122 Kortex Virtual Reality – Kelly Roman is a partner with Chip Wallace at Fisher-Wallace where they also provide the Fisher Wallace brain stimulation device reported at CBJ/087. This VR tool provides many different advantages, not the least of which is decreased stigma, gaming mastery, and healing – all in one. Must Listen. 

123 Target Neuroplasticity John Kennedy discusses how he uses his remarkable program for brain training even before combat, as well as after – with benefits for any trainee at multiple levels. From Navy SEALS to inner-city youth he tell us how Applied neuroplasticity training works from PTSD to TBI to corporate stress. Very interesting. Must Listen.

127 Brain Recovery Resource Group – Jim Bono bounced hard into a Tennesse field when his motorcycle left the road. In a similar way, Jim left conventional brick and mortar brain injury services to start an international, virtual nonprofit support group anyone with ABI, Acquired Brain Injury, from IED experience to stroke. His global service mission is compelling and helpful at many levels and strongly recommended. Must listen.

130 NuBrix A Recovery Mind Game – Ron Bittner created an interesting mind game that takes gaming into the deeper recovery landscape of brain and executive function – as well as effectively connecting with caregivers. Nubrix is a mind development tool that is at once fun and also shows hard evidence that it can evolve brain function – for all players, even kids.

139 Bioengineering Body & Mind – – Adam Piore – author of The Body Builders: Inside the Science of The Engineered Human – chronicles the ways new technology has retooled our physical expectations and mental processes. Piore visits people who have regrown parts of their fingers and legs in the wake of terrible traumas, and details marked improvements in prosthetics.

150 De-Escalate Anger with Wisdom and Mindset– Dr. Doug Noll – Doug’s informed vision about conflict resolution from years of mediation and boundary discrimination as a lawyer/mediator/educator who successfully consults in maximum security prisons with murderers brings deep neuroscience understandings to street conflict for informed self-management. Do not miss these extraordinary insights – Mandatory.

158 Kinesiology: Mind, Somatic Recovery & Pain  – Dr. Chris Weaver is an experienced practitioner who describes helpful details about the communication systems between mind and body that frequently can lead to more comprehensive answers. It’s not just what the mind does to the body, but what the body can tell us about the mind.

162 Brain Nutrition For Brain Injury & CTE John DeWitt details how brain injury can respond to nutritional treatments and indeed how brain injury can be clinically improved with acute TBI or with Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.  His interesting perspective arises from his experience as a professional football player before he became a medical practitioner.

163 Advanced Brain Regeneration David Steenblock discussed the most advanced medical details for brain regeneration from HBOT to specific IV infusions with measured specific supplements and nootropics for proven, researched, state of the art outcomes. Must Listen.

166 EMDR for PTSD – An Essential Recovery Tool Lobenstine adds the practice of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing to your toolbox. It sounds at first quite odd, but the research is there and he’s an expert trainer with the International Society for EMDR. Strongly recommended & more links on the page.


As long as you live, keep learning how to live.
~ Seneca


Link: Interesting NPR Program on TBI, Denial, And Treatment Evolution 


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