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Multiple CBJ Guests Address Biomedical Testing Details & Treatment

What we observe is not nature itself,
but nature exposed to our method of questioning.
~ Werner Heisenberg

Testing details: options abound as a result of multiple levels of advanced research downstream from the latest evolutions in neuroscience technology tools and measures. Here we bring utilitarian translations to our global citizenry for more predictable outcomes with biomedical testing details often overlooked.

  • CBJ/vets These multiple CBJ Guests all report on similar helpful topics for Veterans
  • CBJ/dha Direct Health Access Labs – Details at CorePsych
  • CBJ/005 Dr. Osborne – Gluten Variants For IgG Testing Accuracy
  • CBJ/007 Dr. Hedaya – Functional Medicine Psychiatrist – Biomedical Measures
  • CBJ/010 Dr. Melillo – Brain Balance – Measures For Children, ADHD, ASD, PDD
  • CBJ/061 Dr. O’Bryan – Pervasive Autoimmunity Challenges Overlooked
  • CBJ/075 Dr. Chip Watkins Chief Medical Officer for Sanesco – on Neurotransmitters
  • CBJ/093 Dr. Stein – Measurement Instead of Labels For Children in School
  • CBJ/115 Dr. Walsh – Methylation, Copper, Kryptopyrrole Lab Insights – Resources Linked Here
  • CBJ/118 Dr. Braun – Value of Neuropsychological Testing
  • CBJ/125 Dr. Shaw – Measure Environmental Toxins – GPLTox – Great Plains Director
  • CBJ/133 Dr. Afrin – Mast Cell Activation Syndrome – Autoimmunity
  • CBJ/134 Dr. Seneff – Glyphosate Toxin – Autism and Cancer
  • CBJ/140 Dr. Woeller – Autism Markers – Great Plains Clinical Consultant
  • CBJ/154 Robert Williams – Energy Fields Measured & Applied, & other CBJ Energy Experts
  • CBJ/155 Dr. Jaffe – Biomedical Measures Applied – Director of Perque
  • CBJ/163 Dr. Steenblock – Measurable Advances In Brain Regeneration
  • CBJ/164 Dr. Lewis – The Clinical Relevance of Biomedical Testing
  • CBJ/172 Dr. Lombard – Genetic Testing For Treatment Accuracy
  • CBJ/190 Dr. Hyatt-Pratt – Molds & Mycotoxins from Great Plains Expert

Photo by Wolfgang Lutz on Unsplash