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Child, Teen & Family Insights

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Child, Teen, and Family | Recovery Insights

This convenient list explores expert insights from our many children, teen, and family professionals who share a mission to make a difference with the complexity of self and family management for more informed choices when confused about various paths and treatment failures along life’s way.

Many don’t appreciate the complexity of growing up in these times without informed, validated maps. We’ve selected these guests to interview at CBJ because of their experience with a. growing individuals as well as b. family and sibling groups – two different realities that need particular attention and raised awareness to drive actionable planning with more precise traveling objectives.

At CBJ We Value Actionable Insights

These episodes help clarify both your family journey and your specific objectives/destinations. Clear targets and an informed process will help you first to catch your train and then get off at each best station for all concerned.

Start Here: Robert Sapolsky Ph.D., a neuroendocrinologist at Stanford, who outlines the biology of these problems for us in this strongly recommended article regarding biological challenges with The Adolescent Brain – Dude Where’s My Prefrontal Cortex.

In addition, these guests help you and your medical teams add new possibilities beyond guesswork.

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Consider These Next Steps With Our CBJ Experts

Mission: Translating Brain & Body Insights To Improve Mind-Care Globally

25 CBJ Episodes | Child, Teen & Family Recovery Tools – Regularly Updated

004 ADHD Coaching Relevance – – Keith Kosierowski – Concerned parents must always include specific biomedical strategies for the most efficient, most predictable outcomes over time. Exercise, breakfast, conflict resolution and negotiation strategies can then help resolve recovery challenges. Reality matters for the best executive function. This one addresses teen basics.

010 Brain Balance – – Dr. Robert Mellilo is a national thought leader with over 110 Brain Balance centers nationally who focuses on the underlying variables present with emotional and cognitive challenges from autism and ODD, to ADHD/Executive Function. They’re biomedical and measurable – and Dr. Mellilo strongly affirms careful measurements for proper biomedical brain recovery, – brain balance. His message about proper testing before treatment is essential. We’re on the same Path. Must listen.

013 Parents, Children & Self-Reliance Craig Wiener has worked with parents and children for more than 30 years and writes extensively on how to encourage autonomy and self-management skills with the kids and teens through specific parenting objectives. His practical vision and profound experiences are undeniable.

017 Executive Function Matters Jeff Copper is an ADHD coach and nationally appreciated teaching maven with multiple groundbreaking video interviews, audio interviews, and compelling presentations from CHADD to the ACO . He is loved by many, and I’m personally pleased to count him as a close friend out here on the airwaves, on the same Path. He’s interviewed everyone with interest in the evolution of Executive Function applications, and in this interview, it shows. His mission: the democratization of mind science. Must listen.

023 Anti-Bullying Wayne-Duke is a martial artist who speaks directly to the development of self-esteem and self-management issues to address adversity in child and teen years when so many feel lost with mixed feeling about useful self-protective options. Deal with reality directly vs. dancing around it.

024 Mindful Parenting – Dr. Mark Berten is a nationally respected pediatrician and author on mindful parental skills for troubled children, specifically addressing ADHD and impulsivity issues in this interview – with a transcendent message regarding specific ways to always stay with the larger picture. Dr. Berten continuously searches for improved answers – and with his exemplary medical background, he brings years of direct office experience to a more discerning family perspective for next steps with troubled children and adolescents.

030 Brain Hacks Brown brings a New Jersey, street-smart message on how-to-recover with every insightful conversation. As a nationally prominent ADHD coach and coaches trainer, his astute lessons work in any environment. His special gift: common sense commentary on what works and what doesn’t in Anytown. His message is at once straight and personal as he addresses his own past suffering, innocence and recovery process. His ‘here’s how’ message is simultaneously entertaining and understandable. Brain hacks break down ADHD complexity even down on the farm. Must listen.

035 Adolescent Self-Management – Dr. Jennifer Freed is a psychotherapist, mediator, mentor and author with over 30 years’ experience working with youth in the context of deep roots in the Santa Barbara, California area. She has conclusive results for all our programs that they move the dial for our youth regarding social and emotional learning, intervening with bullying, and feeling more joy in their lives. Insightful and engaging.

036 Clutter To Declutter – Kero is a coach with deep experience in understanding the underlying meaning of clutter. Her points are several in this interesting interview: 1. Clutter kills personal development, 2. Clutter isn’t just physical, it’s emotional – indeed spiritual, 3. It’s grounded in challenges with self-esteem. Solving clutter challenges can free your life. Clutter denial creates problems for your lifetime.

041 ADHD & Persistence Hood provides an interesting perspective on from her experience of feeling lost and alone with few options in her life. Her message is simple: if I can pull it together after these many misunderstandings and reality impediments along the Path of my life – you can take heart and use these tools for your personalized progress. Her personal examples connect us with messages for self-management at many levels. Responsible how-to.

050 ADHD Kids & The Law Tudesco is a smart and experienced lawyer with a compelling story about his direct experiences in the environs of New York City with kids and their families who get lost in the system. Because they don’t know what to do with their diagnosis, their legal challenges, or their future recovery activities, and more to the point, simply because they remain woefully misunderstood. His details provide a grid for deeper thinking beyond punishment for this contemporary lost generation.  Must listen.

055 Parents of Complex Children – Diane Dempster is an ADHD parenting coach with a plan – many plans. The complexity of many of these issues with children often does require improved, more informed support and structure. Diane brings a deeper, creative perspective to these multiple challenges with a variety of useful insights for next steps. Her message: cut to the chase, but know what you’re cutting.

057 Child Residential Care Evolves McCartney is CEO of the Barry Robinson Center in Norfolk, VA, and we’re very pleased that Rob joined us at CBJ as a sponsor/partner to help move our many insightful guest observations out to our global audience. His mission at BRC is at once straightforward and complex: Global vision, family partnerships, and attentive care for children and teens without restraints or seclusion. Here Rob describes what must take place in the evolution of informed residential care for children and adolescents. Must listen.

072 Sensory Processing Disorder Rickert Hong is an author and expert on the diagnosis, vagaries, and misunderstandings associated with this very common comorbid condition that so often remains overlooked in the process of our current ADHD label-games. Even further than SPD she takes us deeper into the biological causes of SPD presentations – and persuasively encourages measurement for immunity issues that routinely contribute to these challenging clinical presentations.

073 Parenting Solutions for Complex Kids – Elaine Taylor-Klaus is a parenting coach on a mission. With her partner Diane, at CBJ/055, they use their extensive personal and coaching experience to create highly individualized strategies, customized plans that address the variety of challenges complex kids present. An important focus for Elaine is first the reality context of issues and then specific coping strategies to address that particular reality and set of perceptions. A different, more comprehensive view. 

085 Inoculations & Autism Heckenlively is a lawyer, author, and father with researched insights on the CDC coverup regarding the relevance of immunity issues and inoculations as contributors to ASD. He’s not a reductionistic nay-sayer, but rather an informed research with persuasive, provocative evidence that we really must look more deeply into the multiple causes of ASD. Must listen. 

093 Measurements, Labels & Social Injustice – Dr. Zak Stein is a Harvard Ph.D. with profound insights regarding the political consequence for thousands of children inappropriately labeled or missed by inadequate, externalized diagnostic systems created in relative antiquity – even 20 years ago. It shows here: we’re both on the same Path. The evolution of neuroscience insights now creates multiple levels of opportunity for children to find right options – if we only use them. As a person with dyslexia, Dr. Stein proves what a person can achieve if well understood by himself and his caretakers. Must listen.

096 Parenting Autistic Children – Penny Williams is a coach on a mission after her experience with family issues that were repeatedly missed based on our current, appearance-based, diagnostic belief system. In this episode, Penny tells us how after multiple levels of frustration and disappointment she found maps to take her out of her deeply personal and painful woods. She’s engaging, smart, practical and focused on solutions that work.

105 ADHD: The Biomedical Focus James Greenblatt is a psychiatrist on a Reality Mission – a measurement mission – looking carefully at the laboratory details we now know must be adequately addressed to resolve the pandemic of treatment failures with just-psych-meds-alone. His experience in teaching functional medicine concepts that address comorbid biomedical conditions punctuates his keynote presentations at multiple national meetings. Dr. Greenblatt is an exemplary mind-resource, and you will, as I do, love his penetrating wisdom. Must listen.

106 ADHD Parenting Insights – Cindy Goldrich is an ADHD coach with a training mission that includes not only critical, necessary steps for parents but also for other even larger uninformed groups that live in that daily reality: teachers. You will appreciate Cindy’s more important mission with Executive Function both regarding her biologic perspective and her applications in the realities of everyday life for all concerned. Administrative rules work not only for 1-1 interactions but groups of children and adolescents as well.

112 ADHD Management Essentials Anderson is an ADHD coach and long-term coaching colleague for many years, and it shows in this interview. She’s fresh, engaging, and takes our discussion right down to a precise formula that finds easy application in any Executive Function reality context. Her insights bring us down to the accuracy of perceptions, the way things work, the how to make it happen thinking. This episode isn’t specifically for children, but when you listen, you’ll immediately see why I’ve included her remarks in this critical list. Her experience shows.

141 The End Of Autism – Detailed Bill Walsh takes us down intricate but even more predictable biomedical pathways as he explains exactly how he foresees the end of autism, the pivot point to reduce the growing abundance of autism challenges globally. Bill is molecular physiologist with details on brain function provided by the remarkable evolution of laboratory tools not available even 10 years ago. His cutting-edge remarks offer new hope for evolved inquiries and treatment options: Must listen.

150 De-Escalate Anger & Conflict: Wisdom & Mindset – – Doug Noll’s informed vision about conflict resolution from years of mediation and boundary discrimination as a lawyer/mediator/educator is essential listening.  He successfully consults in maximum security prisons with murderers brings deep neuroscience understandings to street conflict for informed self-management. Mandatory.

153 Autism Spectrum – Community & Family – Debra Moore documents how, over years of training ASD professionals, she came to her current evolved awareness of community practice with ASD challenges – and how to bring the team together effectively. Her personalized, individualized vision connects with the much larger picture of brain and family complexity for improved outcomes. Experience matters.

156 ADHD Diagnosis & Treatment – – Dr. Ned Hallowell – Yes, this is the same Dr. Hallowell who dramatically improved public awareness of ADHD/Executive Function challenges starting back in 1994, in the Dark Ages of cognitive understanding, with his internationally acclaimed book, Driven to Distraction. In this CBJ report Dr. Hallowell updates us all on the evolution of ADHD diagnosis and treatment, with his personal views of where we’re headed in mind science. Exemplary insights.

191 Childhood Trauma – Recovery & Treatment – Brown speaks explicitly about improved ways to structure a recovery program that he has used and teaches about that has resulted in multiple successful outcomes. It’s about dealing more effectively with yourself.

219 Sexual Abuse Recovery Experts – – The page includes many CBJ Experts who have experienced and worked with individuals who have suffered sexual abuse, and developed a recovery program. Some report from their own abuse, denial, and pain, – others from deep research and the use of strikingly effective, different options for treatment and recovery. These experts talk about diagnosis, recovery, and treatment at any age.



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