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154 Energy Fields – Measured & Applied – Williams

energy fields,

Energy fields for years lingered in the shadows of irrelevance and antiscience. Williams brings in scientific evidence for corrective measures.

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145 Hypnotherapy Heals Mind & Body – Brent

hypnotherapy, suggestion, negativity, healing

Hypnotherapy practice inspired by the powerful mind/body connection reframes negative thoughts to heal emotionally and physically.

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130 NuBrix Games Connect & Balance Cognitive Function – Bittner

nubrix, mind games, neuroplay, dementia, executive function, ADHD, PTSD, TBI, ABI, CTE

NuBrix brings connected neuroplay into an interesting diverse market from ADHD to executive function challenges w TBI, ABI, CTE, PTS, and Alzheimer’s.

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126 Homocysteine – The Depression Imperative – Farah

depression imperative, treatment failure, neurotransmitters, nutrients

Homocysteine measures create a new depression perspective, an additional marker beyond appearances that measures the why of treatment failure.

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123 Targeted Neuroplasticity – Kennedy

neuroplasticity, strategy, systems 2 thinking, john kennedy,

Targeted neuroplasticity training serves as both a prevention and a recovery tool – indeed a tool for balance living in the context of unpredictable change.

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