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154 Energy Fields – Measured & Applied – Williams

energy fields,

Energy fields for years lingered in the shadows of irrelevance and antiscience. Williams brings in scientific evidence for corrective measures.

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151 Visualization Without Sight – A Coaching Paradox – Hamblin

insight, visually impaired, blind, visualization

Visualization at first may seem difficult if you’re visually impaired. Here a visually impaired coach discusses her insights regarding visualization tools.

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145 Hypnotherapy Heals Mind & Body – Brent

hypnotherapy, suggestion, negativity, healing

Hypnotherapy practice inspired by the powerful mind/body connection reframes negative thoughts to heal emotionally and physically.

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144 Dissociative Identity Disorder – Davis

dissociative identity disorder, DID, PTSD, Trauma, Childhood Trauma

This CoreBraIn Journal dissociative identity disorder episode helps understand the process of recovery, from a first person account.

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136 Celebrity Anxiety & Stress Unstuck – Swirsky

anxiety, stress, unstuck, depression, mindset

Anxiety and stress do occur on many levels with different circumstances in reality. Even a successful celebrity finds unexpected answers.

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