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139 Bioengineering Body & Mind – Piore

bioengineering, body builders,

With bioengineering advances, Piore visits people with regrown parts of their fingers & legs in the wake of terrible traumas – listen as prosthetics change.

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137 Copper & Kryptopyrrole Corrupt Brain Function – Walsh

kryptopyrrole, copper, nutirent power, Dr William Walsh,

Kryptopyrrole creates challenges that if combined with its wicked friend free copper can reek havoc with neurotransmitters that create treatment failure.

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130 NuBrix Games Connect & Balance Cognitive Function – Bittner

nubrix, mind games, neuroplay, dementia, executive function, ADHD, PTSD, TBI, ABI, CTE

NuBrix brings connected neuroplay into an interesting diverse market from ADHD to executive function challenges w TBI, ABI, CTE, PTS, and Alzheimer’s.

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116 Suicide, Brain Injury & Recovery – Hampton

suicide, TBI, CTE, brain injury, recovery

Suicide, depression, anxiety & subsequent brain trauma can keep you developmentally stuck – dead in your own skin. Hampton tells details on how to live past it

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114 Hemingway’s Brain Examined – Farah

hemingway's brain, andrew farah, traumatic brain injury, alcohol abuse, ECT, dementia, chronic traumatic encephalopathy

Hemingway’s brain compromise created depression, multiple symptoms of post concussive syndrome, and ultimately, after a long series of ECT, his suicide

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