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186 Better Brain Solutions Detailed – Masley

better brain solutions

New research provides better brain solutions as detailed here with an international expert on multiple nutritional and exercise factors for better brains over time.

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181 Hemingway’s Brain Tragedy – Farah-2

Hemingway's brain, CTE, TBI, ECT

Hemingway’s brain compromise created depression, multiple symptoms of post concussive syndrome, and ultimately, after a long series of ECT, his suicide

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176 CBD – Cannabinoids | Medical Marijuana & Brain Injury – Patel

CBD Cannabinoids, Medical marijuana

CBD – Cannabinoids can help with CTE, TBI, brain injury – details from an experienced clinician to help formulate the possibility of improved interventions

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171 Brain Injury Recovery & Prevention – Lewis

brain injury

Brain injury recovery opportunities improve with fresh neurobiological insights regarding the cellular insights translated into street terms.

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166 EMDR Provides Researched Options – PTSD, DID – Lobenstine

EMDR, PTSD, trauma

EMDR provides a fresh, documented and researched opportunity to correct minds fragmented by trauma and pain. EMDR is an important tool for those working with the tragedies of life.

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