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144 Dissociative Identity Disorder – Davis

dissociative identity disorder, DID, PTSD, Trauma, Childhood Trauma

This CoreBraIn Journal dissociative identity disorder episode helps understand the process of recovery, from a first person account.

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127 Brain Injury Resource Group – Bono

brain injury resource group, BIRG, TBI, CTE

Brain injury recovery requires teamwork, family understanding, & the latest professional training – connect today w our Brain Injury Resource Group

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100 Trauma, Women & Recovery – Drury

women, trauma, lost, alone, pain, victim

Women with trauma need specific, highly specialized, comprehensive treatment and recovery strategies. With gender specific trauma, gender-specific care becomes mandatory.

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099 First Responder Trauma Reality & Return – Mathias

first responder, trauma, ptsd

First responder trauma is real & requires preparation before and after traumatic incidents. In this episode, Mathias reports lessons as a trauma team leader.

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095 Trauma Resilience and Recovery – Powers

trauma resilience, recovery, trauma, self management,

Resilience is an important aspect of recovery from trauma. In this episode, Dr. Powers address how and why it’s so relevant for recovery from a victim to a survivor perspective.

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