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178 Sexual Trauma In The Workplace – Udall

sexual trauma, workplace trauma

Udall spells out specifics for how to predict sexual trauma in the workplace. Intimacy regarding time spent and sharing private matters is no excuse.

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170 War PTSD & Recovery – First Person – Violet

ptsd recovery, war, trauma

War, trauma, recovery, and childhood all reported here by a refugee from the fronts of eastern Europe war zones. A first-person account – working experience.

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165 Dissociative Identity Disorder – Update – Searle

dissociative identity disorder

Dissociative Identity Disorder – DID – is often misidentified, overlooked, and inadequately treated. In this interview we discuss Searle’s journey with both clients and self.

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144 Dissociative Identity Disorder – Davis

dissociative identity disorder, DID, PTSD, Trauma, Childhood Trauma

This CoreBraIn Journal dissociative identity disorder episode helps understand the process of recovery, from a first person account.

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127 Brain Injury Resource Group – Bono

brain injury resource group, BIRG, TBI, CTE

Brain injury recovery requires teamwork, family understanding, & the latest professional training – connect today w our Brain Injury Resource Group

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