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200 Arthritis & Exercise – Pain & Recovery – Perillo

pain, arthritis, detox, opiates

Arthritis pain provides a roadmap to underlying chronic metabolic challenges with characteristic pain, and fresh, opiate-alternative recovery treatments.

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138 Migraines Headaches Tinnitus & Malocclusion – Rosenthal

migraines, headaches, pain, dental occlusion, tinnitus,

Headaches, migraines, and tinnitus often arise as a result of undetected, under recognized & correctable dental malocclusion challenges.

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100 Trauma, Women & Recovery – Drury

women, trauma, lost, alone, pain, victim

Women with trauma need specific, highly specialized, comprehensive treatment and recovery strategies. With gender specific trauma, gender-specific care becomes mandatory.

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083 Fibromyalgia Migraines and Mind – Greenberg

fibromyalgia, migraine, NET, NEAT, EMDR, kinesiology

Fibromyalgia Pain Matters: Fresh Connections Between Mind & Body – Think you’re traveling outside of the box? Prepare for a deeper dive from Dr. Greenberg.

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045 Friendship Ends – Dumped Recovery Livingston

friendship, alone, sad, dumped,

Loss of adult friendship can prove devastating. Until now that loss, that transition from friendship to alone did not find serious coverage, especially from an expert in relationship management.

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