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159 ADHD Lessons On Executive Function – Markel

executive function

Executive function challenges provide more useful, more functional recovery objectives for those with “ADHD” – new tools for improved self management.

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153 Autism Spectrum Complexity Community & Family – Moore

autism recovery, ASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder,

Autism care evolves to include many complexities so characteristic of ASD clinical presentations. Dr. Moore makes the useful point that recovery involves an informed community

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149 Mind, Wellness, Gut & Healing – Prendergast

wellness, mind, gut, immunity, healing

Wellness depends upon mind and gut balance, with increased awareness of immunity, as it can significantly modify mind actions and add to treatment failure.

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148 Words Catharsis & Self Management – DeLuca

catharsis, anger, systems 1 thinking

Catharsis may work for the individual but doesn’t work for the couple or for the family team – indeed it can wreck the business team. Feeling mismanagement explored

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136 Celebrity Anxiety & Stress Unstuck – Swirsky

anxiety, stress, unstuck, depression, mindset

Anxiety and stress do occur on many levels with different circumstances in reality. Even a successful celebrity finds unexpected answers.

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