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140 Autism Markers Provide New Data Targets – Woeller

autism markers, biomedical insights, biomedical testing, ASD

Biomedical Testing for autism markers now changes the clinical process of diagnosis and treatment for the increasing incidence of autism spectrum disorders

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120 Yoga, Science and Mind – Perlmutter

yoga, mind, body, meditation, transformation

Yoga becomes medical – evidence is everywhere that meditation improves health, mental acuity, emotional balance and spiritual connection.

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086 Beyond Mental Stigma – Veny

stigma, blame, labels, mental health

Stigma matters start becoming significant at very young ages and can last as management issues up into corporate life as adults.

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061 Autoimmune Fix Dr Tom O’Bryan

autoimmune, autoimmunity, immunity, inflammation, chronic illness, hypothyroid, gluten, casein, candida

The Autoimmune Fix supports a gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free lifestyle. Based on his vast research, Dr. O’Bryan blows “fad diet” theories out of the water, exposing the truth that modifying your eating habits, can rid your body of dangerous inflammation and set you on a course toward good health.

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058 SPECT Brain Evidence Dr Joseph Annibali

SPECT, temporal lobe, brain imaging,

SPECT Brain Evidence – Measured Functional Challenges  I realized that practicing psychoanalysis and psychotherapy without having a firm grasp of how the brain works significantly interfered with my ability to help patients. ~ Joseph Annibali Dr. Annibali’s Bio He serves as Chief Psychiatrist, Amen Clinics, Washington, DC. A psychiatrist, brain imaging expert, trained psychoanalyst, and…

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