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161 Electromagnetic Field Radiation – Mind & Body Protection – DeBaun

electromagnetic fields, brain,

Electromagnetic Field Radiation EMF passes through our bodies from multiple sources everyday. Increased awareness can provide the basis for self-protection.

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159 ADHD Lessons On Executive Function – Markel

executive function

Executive function challenges provide more useful, more functional recovery objectives for those with “ADHD” – new tools for improved self management.

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155 – Advanced Measured Biomedical Insights – Jaffe

biomedical details, Dr. Russell Jaffe

Advanced biomedical insights now improve both treatment objectives & treatment outcomes. Mind science now includes cost-effective molecular physiology.

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140 Autism Markers Provide New Data Targets – Woeller

autism markers, biomedical insights, biomedical testing, ASD

Biomedical Testing for autism markers now changes the clinical process of diagnosis and treatment for the increasing incidence of autism spectrum disorders

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138 Migraines Headaches Tinnitus & Malocclusion – Rosenthal

migraines, headaches, pain, dental occlusion, tinnitus,

Headaches, migraines, and tinnitus often arise as a result of undetected, under recognized & correctable dental malocclusion challenges.

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