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157 Anorexia Dissociation & Depression Revisited – Searle


Anorexia, dissociative identity disorder, depression, and anxiety are all characterized by feelings within a mind-body continuum. Searle provides healing answers.

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155 – Advanced Measured Biomedical Insights – Jaffe

biomedical details, Dr. Russell Jaffe

Advanced biomedical insights now improve both treatment objectives & treatment outcomes. Mind science now includes cost-effective molecular physiology.

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133 Mast Cell Activation Syndrome & Autoimmunity – Afrin

mast cell activation syndrome, immunity, autoimmunity

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome is too far off the radar, & is remarkably difficult to treat and follow even after discovery. Dr. Afrin embraces the mystery.

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131 Beyond ADHD – Metabolism Matters – Young

chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, adhd, executive function, biomedical reviews

Beyond ADHD exist multiple comorbid conditions – some of which precipitate ADHD symptoms, others hide ADHD symptoms – each needs treatment at any age

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126 Homocysteine – The Depression Imperative – Farah

depression imperative, treatment failure, neurotransmitters, nutrients

Homocysteine measures create a new depression perspective, an additional marker beyond appearances that measures the why of treatment failure.

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