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205 ART – Accelerated Resolution Therapy & PTSD – Breeding

accelerated resolution therapy, ptsd, pts, trauma, recovery

ART – Accelerated Resolution Therapy – provides remarkably fast results most of the time. With a clear nod to EMDR, these methods appear quite effective.

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199 Quantum Physics & Relationship Management – Schwartz

quantum physics, relationships, balance,

Quantum physics provides answers to the complexity of change and variable in challenging relationships. Mel Schwartz brings actionable understandings to CBJ

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196 Destructive Post-Truth Politics – Tsipursky

post-truth politics, lies, emotional intelligence

Leadership in politics corrodes with deception and obvious post-truth explanations & speculations. Solutions involve improved electorate awareness.

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195 Women in Danger Domestic Abuse at Home – #metoo – Brennan

domestic abuse, domestic violence, spousal abuse

Domestic abuse statistics reveal how #metoo presents at home even more than workplace issues. Listen as this successful client reports on recovery & rebuilding her life.

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191 Childhood Trauma – Recovery & Mastery – Brown

childhood trauma, parenting, recovery, self esteem,

Childhood trauma leads to misperceptions of self. Recovery requires a different, more informed view of who you are, your strengths and your values.

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