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Our Laboratory Mission At CorePsych
Target Recognition – Precise Treatment – Comprehensive Care

Why Laboratory Testing? Data Is In Appearances Are Helpful But Too Imprecise

This page simplifies your process for CorePsych consultation work with DHA Labs. At CorePsych we review DHA’s laboratory results and combine them with either in-office or virtual, video clinical interviews, nationally or internationally. Not sure? Then review the value of DHA molecular and cellular testing measurements through CBJ interviews with Dr. Walsh in these four one-hour detailed Episodes.

Who – Brief Introductory Review – 2:22


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What – To Do With Laboratory Results

At CorePsych we provide both consultation and interpretation for your lab findings, with specific treatment recommendations, and with a perspective that includes an assessment of challenges as a result of treatment failure with psychiatric medications. Often medications do work well if managed from a more comprehensive perspective, so we consider every option based on previous therapeutic trials. Comprehensive is the increasingly expected standard of care.

Appearance, DSM-5 criteria, are excellent – but contemporary experts agree simply not enough.

As you may already know, your history with medications proves instructive. As a traditional psychiatrist, I’ve lectured nationally to hundreds of medical colleagues on psychopharmacology for 20 years, and know from my own office experience the limitations of guesswork, even with the best ongoing psychopharmacological training in the world [every year for 20 years from the globally most informed researchers].

Additional Tests – Often Prove Helpful    testing matters

In addition, we also bring extensive clinical experiences with treatment failure based upon a host of other biomedical issues from immunity [IgG], hormones [adrenal, thyroid, sex], toxins or neurotransmitter imbalances. Any of these biomedical challenges can corrupt balanced brain function, just ask Alessio Fasano MD, Pediatric Gastroenterologist at Harvard for his opinion.

Take a look at this page for evaluation & training options available anywhere globally. These CoreBrain Academy tutorials take diagnosis and treatment into an alliance with contemporary neuroscience.

CorePsych Testing Video Details

Video reviews with explanatory details on each of these several other tests including tests for environmental toxins and mold: http://corepsych.com/tests

How – To Connect/Register For DHA Reviews At CorePsych

Contact our Patient Care Coordinator, preferably by email through this portal to request testing kits if you haven’t already received results or to schedule a meeting. Also, more time may be required to review more tests, and she will help with those details here:

Link: http://corepsych.com/appointments

Register and send a note here to include your contact information for updates, scheduling, and effective follow-up. Registration doesn’t require any expense or commitment, it does set up a means of effective communication and follow-up, and is available to multiple treatment team members.

After that connection, our Patient Care Coordinator will send out a CorePsych New Patient form for background information, and she can also help with administrative questions, as she is familiar with insurance protocols and details for your testing if not already completed.

  • Follow up – CoreTracks [Coming But Under Construction] – Group and individual follow-up to stay on track with consistent direct contact and Q&A with Dr. Parker to help with compliance and supplement adjustments over time. The problem with long-term treatment is at once simple and complex: compliance.
  • Plan on specific reviews: 3 mo personally on progress, and 4-6 mo to review retest results and evaluate progress through fresh data.
  • Chronic conditions take time and persistence, thus the value of structured support with an informed community. We have a plan.
  • For Questions send us a note and we respond quickly to this Contact Page.

Medical Treatment

If you wish to consult and then receive treatment with psychiatric medications beyond DHA Lab consultation/supplement recommendations:


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