171 Brain Injury Recovery & Prevention – Lewis

brain injury

Brain injury recovery opportunities improve with fresh neurobiological insights regarding the cellular insights translated into street terms.

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170 War PTSD & Recovery – First Person – Violet

ptsd recovery, war, trauma

War, trauma, recovery, and childhood all reported here by a refugee from the fronts of eastern Europe war zones. A first-person account – working experience.

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169 Narcissism Survival Guide – Behary

narcissism, self, denial, low self esteem

Narcissism survival is not easy. They’re charismatic, smart, & act like they own the world & quite easily put you down with imperious glances & outright rage.

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168 Transform Stress Into Success – Cooper

stress to success, balance,

Cooper coaches those stuck with limited vision to transfer stress into success. His strategies emphasize the reality of time and changing perspectives.

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167 Science & Contrarian Thinking Beyond Dogma – Virol

contrarian thinking, dogma, polemics, complexity

Contrarian thinking from space travel to beliefs. The Mars Rover to boundaries, science and this Galileo Mind Moment wherein evidence matters beyond belief.

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