153 Autism Spectrum Complexity Community & Family – Moore

autism recovery, ASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder,

Autism care evolves to include many complexities so characteristic of ASD clinical presentations. Dr. Moore makes the useful point that recovery involves an informed community

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152 Music Heals For Past & Future – Protzmann

Music heals the mind in a variety of ways. In this Episode, Protzmann discusses particulars of why and how, to improve recovery systems.

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151 Visualization Without Sight – A Coaching Paradox – Hamblin

insight, visually impaired, blind, visualization

Visualization at first may seem difficult if you’re visually impaired. Here a visually impaired coach discusses her insights regarding visualization tools.

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150 De-Escalate Anger & Conflict With Wisdom & Mindset – Noll

mediation, anger, conflict, conflict resolution,

To de-escalate any conflict, listen to Noll’s extraordinary commentary with utilitarian neuroscience references on how to share your prefrontal cortex.

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149 Mind, Wellness, Gut & Healing – Prendergast

wellness, mind, gut, immunity, healing

Wellness depends upon mind and gut balance, with increased awareness of immunity, as it can significantly modify mind actions and add to treatment failure.

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