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Use These Downloads For Your Medical Team


If you or your medical team group would like to access complimentary PDFs, videos and specific testing instructions these many tutorial downloads and links will take you to the next important landscapes now available from contemporary neuroscience.


Much Complexity – CorePsych Answers: Start Here


All of these resources are complimentary and arise from many years of direct experience with inadequate results in my own offices, in spite of the best training available in the country.

CorePsych Tests: Biomedical Details Matter: Video Explanations For the Labs We Use At CorePsych – 2 pg PDF

Transit Time Instructions: The Mouth to The South For Brain Health – Measure Metabolic Rates – From the Mayo Clinic – 1 pg PDF

Details For ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment: Video & Audio, Why & How – These many videos include links to many of the essential medical details. 1 pg PDF


CorePsych Resources – Reference Pages

Critical Thinkers: These Luminaries Teach Us All How To Think – Videos and references at CorePsych – See especially: Korzybski

This Galileo Mind-Moment: Technology Teaches About Reality – Commentary at CorePsych On Mind Science Beyond Dreams & Appearances

Predictable Solutions For ADHD Medications: White Paper Download – 25 pg Complimentary Special Report PDF


CorePsych Resources Videos

Parker YouTube Channel: Multiple Videos And Instructive Playlists – over 50 specific video tutorials. Do please Subscribe for updates there.


 Complimentary Downloads

Executive Function | “ADHD” Details – Videos, Audio Programs Listed For Easy Reference & Hyperlinks – 1 pg PDF

Start ADHD Medications Correctly – How: Dosing and Balance Strategies – 1 pg PDF


 CoreBrain Book Recommendations

CoreBrain Books: International Links For Global Amazon:

New ADHD Medication Rules – Brain Science: Amazon Global  for Kindle, Paperback, and Audible:

My Strongest Recommendation To Evolve Critical Scientific Thinking – Science and Sanity by Alfred Korzybski – Amazon Global: