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CorePsych Testing Targets CoreNutrient Protocols

Reality must take precedence over public relations, for nature cannot be fooled.
~ Richard Faynman, Theoretical Physicist

This page provides an opportunity to evolve your working knowledge for the most effective brain wellness strategies. At CorePsych we use evolved laboratory data to address specific imbalances that create treatment compromise, treatment failure and brain imbalances for the long run. Predictable structures will help you with your next steps. The CoreNutrients link for this page to bookmark and remember these details:

> This link for a PDF download to review details for how we provide evaluations anywhere:

Multiple CBJ Experts Validate The Value Of Testing

Links Built To Easily Remember – Sign In

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You already know Why – so this is our How testing and treatment protocol at CorePsych:

  1. First, Test: Video Explanations here – I prefer to use the top 3 testing facilities on the second page to cover most issues. Hormones, Toxins, and  Trace Elements are also useful as both can interfere with neurotransmitter integrity. In a CorePsych consult appointment, I review test results with you either virtually in your home/office or in person in Virginia Beach, VA.
  2. ADHD & Beyond: This handy PDF provides multiple training links for Treatment Failure – ADHD & Beyond
  3. Help: Desiree, our Patient Care Coordinator at, will help order tests. Best to start at this appointment link with an email to Desiree for tracking and follow-up accuracy.
  4. Your Nutrient Prescription – How: Details can quickly become confusing so please download & read this PDF linked here now: First read this for FAQ it will save you considerable quandaries.
  5. Sign Up For Fullscript Customer Service: You will quickly see that at our virtual CoreNutrients Store we have set up many easily followed protocols, explanations and reminders to keep you on track. Direct CoreNutrients Link: Our more comprehensive, more cost-effective, new nutrients/pharmacy > CoreNutrients at Fullscript – This more comprehensive and user-friendly nutrient resource will provide more consistent service and improved follow-up, both in Canada and the US. Sign up!
  6. CorePsych Recommendations: Regardless of where you live, I send you specific recommendations based on those detailed test results.
  7. International Clients: For a variety of reasons our CoreNutrients Fullscript Dispensary is not available globally. To address that issue we built two different links for other options with Designs For Health nutrients for our international clients.
    1. Amazon Designs for Health For 15% off the first order and Free Shipping with Amazon Prime – use this Promo Code at Checkout: DFH16781
    2. Designs For Health Select Webstore – For 20% off the first order and Free Shipping on every order use this Promo Code at Checkout: FIRST20
  8. Qualia – Nootropics at Neurohacker: A specific supplement for improved brain function, energy, and adrenal compromise that we strongly recommend is at their website: Qualia – Information Available Here. For vets, stress, PTSD, brain injury – listen to provocative details during our interview with Daniel Schmachtenbeger, one of the Neurohacker founders: Our CorePsych Qualia: How To Use Directions.
  9. Restore – Gut Healing: This product is not yet available at our Dispensary so we created these info links in this PDF to make the process useful and easy:


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Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary.

We anticipate that your follow-up will become much easier with these new options, – looking forward to working together on the details, so stay tuned here: