Treatment Tools

264 Rapid Transformation Therapy | Theta Healing – Celia

rapid transformation therapy

Rapid Transformation Therapy, Theta Healing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Systemic Constellation systems create a powerful program for fast change that’s sustainable.

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260 Gut Candida Changes Your Mind – Gatza

candida mind

Candida in your gut can change your mind – and need specific targeting and treatment strategies to clear it out – including a sugar-free diet.

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253 Read Lead and Succeed Family Instructions – Brassell

read, lead, succeed

Reading practices often begin in childhood & at any time in your life. Here Dr. Brassell outlines why to start early & the value for you & your family.

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252 Neuro-Emotional Technique NET – Wasser

neuro-emotional technique

Neuro-Emotional Technique therapy activities permit a more comprehensive set of actions for recovery from a variety of stresses in personal relationships.

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251 Veteran Return & Recovery Essentials – France

veteran, vets, veterans, return, recovery

Each veteran experiences return differently – depending on relationships, trauma, family support, & tools in place for recovery from their experiences.

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