214 Autism & Microbiota Transfer Therapy – Adams

microbiota transfer therapy

 Autism & Fecal Microbiota Transfer Therapy – MTT – Update James B. Adams, Ph.D., is a President’s Professor at Arizona State University, where he directs the autism/Asperger’s research program, though he originally taught chemical and materials engineering there. Dr. Adams also holds a post at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. He is also the…

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213 Longevity, Cognition, & the Rainbow Diet – Minich

rainbow diet, Dr. Deanna Minich,

Specific dietary practices improve longevity, cognition and brain function. Dr. Deanna Minich outlines this Rainbow Diet for foundational mind improvements.

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212 ADHD Prisoner Education To Prevent Recidivism & Relapse – Battinelli

prison, adhd, opiates, drug addiction,

ADHD education to prevent recidivism with prisoners involved with self-medication and denial. The opiate crisis is directly related this plan matters.

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211 Regenerative Biology | Combinatorial Biologics – Pastor

regenerative biology

New discoveries embrace the field of bio-cybernetics, how healing takes place through combinatorial biologics – join us for this regeneration conversation.

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210 Lectins & Plant Paradox – Foods & Health – Gundry

lectins, beans, antinutrition, Gundry

Dr. Steven Gundry brings an important different perspective regarding influence on gut health, nutrition, immunity, weight gain, & dietary changes for body & mind

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