Mind Perspective

213 Longevity, Cognition, & the Rainbow Diet – Minich

rainbow diet, Dr. Deanna Minich,

Specific dietary practices improve longevity, cognition and brain function. Dr. Deanna Minich outlines this Rainbow Diet for foundational mind improvements.

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209 Evolution Of Biomedical Psychiatry Diagnosis & Treatment – Tsafrir

biomedical psychiatry, testing, molecular physiology, immunity, microbes

Dr. Tsafrir is a Harvard child and adult psychiatrist with a larger vision of mind – who uses biomedical psychiatry for evolved, more comprehensive care.

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208 Tools For Transitions Beyond Narcissism – Mitchem

narcissism, transitions, tools

Transition tools will help when narcissism undermines your sense of belonging and intimacy. They say, family, they mean self. I am the family, period.

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207 Multiple Brain Integration Technique – Your 3 Brains – Lee-Emery

multiple brain integration technique

Multiple brain integration technique provides a useful way to understand and apply your personal values to a host of confusing life circumstances and know your self.

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204 Sexual Sovereignty & The Sensual Woman – Desilets

sensual woman, sexual awakening, ptsd, trauma, metoo

In this interview, we discuss Dr. Desilet’s view of rediscovering the sensual woman within. Trauma left her confused, and with refreshingly straight talk she details recovery principles.

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