Mind Perspective

262 Food Addiction & Recovery Revisited Beyond Dieting – Elia

food addiction

Food addiction can prove most challenging over a lifetime – as recovery requires a more consistent approach than simply dieting – Listen for new options.

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261 What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew – Saline

adhd parenting

ADHD parenting is more of a challenge because executive function problems are amplified. ADHD Parenting issues structured here for mastery.

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254 Street Training – Mental Health Meets Primary Care – McPherson

family practice

Primary care, family practice, now benefits from experienced street wisdom regarding the complexity and abundance of mental health problems every day.

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253 Read Lead and Succeed Family Instructions – Brassell

read, lead, succeed

Reading practices often begin in childhood & at any time in your life. Here Dr. Brassell outlines why to start early & the value for you & your family.

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248 Accelerated Resolution Therapy – ART – PTSD Recovery – Kip-2

ART, PTSD, PTS, accelerated resolution therapy, Dr. Kevin Kip

Accelerated Resolution Therapy, ART is changing the lives of many stuck in past troubling events. Most encouraging point: time from the events doesn’t matter.

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