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If you do what you’ve always done,
then you’ll always get what you got.
~ Henry Ford

CoreBrain Journal is my chance to talk about the latest discoveries in mind science with policy makers, researchers, and the informed public

– to hear their stories,
– what inspired their insights,
– what decisions changed their careers and their lives,
– what relationships influenced their projects,
– how they work to make further progress, even down at the street level in Anytown.

Our discussions here at CBJ provide maps and markers out on the Reality Road that will help avoid detours, sharp turns, and pitfalls along life’s way. New maps, with fresh insights, open new doors of understanding here at CBJ. Stunning new data points and incredible contemporary technologies dramatically change options for excellent care in today’s mind science.

Here I’ll share with you insightful, driven practitioners who repeatedly dig for answers to the complexity of challenges with brain health – both professionals and concerned mothers who search relentlessly for answers over a child’s lifetime. Through CBJ, those cumulative insights will come directly to you with links and references that honor the teamwork of those who’ve come before.


Times Published – every Tuesday & Thursday @ 4 AM Eastern Time – USA

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New Tools Combat Treatment Failure

Recognition is the first step to change.
Moses Maimonides – 12th Century

Medical imprecision creates treatment compromise, and, too often, treatment failure. I still love my practice, and also spend many hours teaching anyone interested the details of how to use fresh data and excellent resources now available through dramatic advancements in brain science technology.

Remarkable laboratory tools now show us how those apparently random treatment failures can now guide us to more useful, practical answers. Problems now become instruction tools for advanced solutions. Treatment failure teaches us to ask different questions. Cost-effective laboratory testing is now available to understand molecular physiology on a subcellular level – from transporter proteins on the presynaptic nerves to genetic changes in neurotransmitter cofactor pathways.

These several issues are covered a bit more emphatically in my Updated Parker Bio, here in PDF.

It sounds deep with this new language – but don’t worry, I’ll simplify it for you here at CBJ.

Real Answers

Every new technology, new measurement tool, and treatment process add additional potential recovery benefits. CoreBrain Journal reviews these exciting innovations from both professionals and those who have lived with those improved results. If new answers are out there, we plan to interview the most experienced thought leaders who will teach us their personal views on those fresh perspectives – how new insights work, and how those unusual interventions have changed their lives as professionals.

  • Are you interested in coming on CBJ as a Professional Core Guest? Apply here.
  • If you would like to comment as an Anonymous Client Guest with personal experience: Apply as a Client Here.
  • If you have a suggestion for a person, you would like to hear on the program drop us a note on this Contact Page.

Different Answers In Improved Context

Yes, this quote is a favorite and bears repeating:

Most of the mistakes in thinking are inadequacies of perception rather than mistakes of logic.
Edward de Bono

Our shared problem: weak mind perceptions. Let’s work together to encourage more careful inquiry. Many new discoveries do, at first, sound complicated – but our CBJ translations and guest insights make hard data more understandable.

My Training

By now you know I’m still in training. Everyday. CoreBrain Journal keeps both of us, you and me, fresh even after these many years of practice and experience. Rest assured, if I think I know it all, I’ll hang it up.

I’m a Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist, Board Certified in Psychiatry, with inactive Board Certifications after ten years in both Addiction Medicine and Forensic Psychiatry. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission also licenses me [since ’03] as an Authorized User For SPECT Nuclear Imaging. In my early days, I completed seven years of training in Psychoanalysis in the 70s but stopped providing psychoanalytic treatments a lifetime ago. I lectured nationally for twenty years to teach the informed use of psychiatric medications for hundreds of medical colleagues – with world-class training/updates every year on the latest medical and pharmaceutical research.

Casual use of psychotropic drugs was a problem in ’96 and remains an international issue today. For those who challenge the use of pharmaceutical agents, I suggest one answer: Yes, do learn psychopharmacology – then learn the neuroscience details beyond medications that only work if you work them. Predictable psychopharmacology practice involves far more than knowing drug actions and interactions.

Changed Perceptions                                  Virginia Beach, travel

I’ve fielded medical and biomedical questions from hundreds of medical audiences from Brownsville, TX to Fargo, ND, Manhattan, Miami Beach, Boston, LA, and San Francisco. With fresh training every year for 20 years from many of the most experienced researchers and clinicians in the world, I still experienced too much treatment failure in my offices, based on the best pharmaceutical science available.

Why? Because I didn’t see the complexity of each person’s entire biomedical picture. Those misunderstandings, misperceptions and that foundation of insufficient misinformation led to those treatment failure experiences.

Similar deeper challenges, which arise even in the context of knowing psychopharmacology, continue globally today. Here at CoreBrain Journal, I’ll use my counterproductive experiences as foundations for penetrating interviews to encourage improved perceptions wherever you live. Seeing hard data now changes old beliefs and inadequate labels globally. At CBJ we have listeners in 87 countries.

Beyond Meds

That broad diversity of medical speaking experience, completed training, and multiple certifications make me an outspoken proponent for comprehensive, biological assessments. But I remain humble in the face of what I didn’t know in the early 70’s, and what I still don’t know. Honestly, I’m still learning every day and will share that learning experience with you at CBJ. It takes a team to change old patterns. Negative, reductionistic, polarized, disrespectful and dogmatically entrenched perceptions will not move mind care forward for the millions in need of improved services.

Others agree on the importance of comprehensive understandings:

When we talk about the brain, it is anything but unidimensional, simplistic or reductionistic.
Thomas Insel, Past Director NIMH

Beyond The Office

When I’m not writing, interviewing or teaching, I’m thinking of that next trip to Maine or California for fly-fishing with my son and daughter and their delightful, always intriguing families. Our adult children married two remarkably bright and discerning travelers with wisdom beyond their years. Our two grandchildren in California are great kids who love the outdoors, and I’ve enjoyed fishing with them in North Carolina, Florida, California, and Virginia. I’m looking forward to that dream trip when we all drift fish for trout in the beautiful Flaming Gorge on the Green River in Utah.

Our nuclear family [my wife, son, and daughter] still remembers that special March trip to Yellowstone Park in the 80s. First, we drove snowmobiles about 70 miles to see Old Faithful blow steam from the frozen stones, and then fly fished all the next day [with March Browns] on the Madison River for beautiful brown and rainbow trout. That trip was life changing for all of us.

Personal Gratitude Details                 Susan_Parker_Schietinger___susanschietinger__•_Instagram_photos_and_videos

If you’re curious to know a bit more on my personal side, my other trips:

  • My mother was a family practice physician [Med School Grad ’39] who later in life followed my lead and completed a residency in psychiatry. I followed her passion, her drive to help others, and she in later years followed mine. Harriet’s positive attitude was contagious, and she consistently supported our next steps.
  • I read Science and Sanity by Alfred Korzybski in 1969.  His careful review of Non-Aristotelian thinking, labels, language and the field theory of General Semantics dramatically changed my life. His point: Reductionistic thinking prevents the advancement of science and creates unnecessary limitations for Critical Thinking. Korzybski appears with full attribution in both of my books. Korzybski’s keywords: change & time.
  • I met Anna Freud in Philadelphia at the Philadelphia Association for Psychoanalysis following her presentation at the University of PA. She was quick with her conversation and had a wonderful twinkle in her eye. Today reality is far more interesting to me than fantasy, but I respect the contributions of those who came before. Her influence on my evolution in child psychiatry – in a word: inspirational.
  • I loved psychoanalytic training in Philadelphia and chose only the brightest and most highly respected supervisors for my control cases. One of my favorites was Homer Curtis, MD, President of the American Psychoanalytic Association – a man with considerable depth and rigorous thinking. We spent many delightful hours of supervision in his office at the Institute of the Pennsylvania Hospital in West Philly.
  • My tour with Dr. Edward de Bono, both at his presentations in ’92 in Norfolk and as an invited guest for his consultation at Electronic Data Systems in ’93, remains memorable to this day. As a creative thinker, with a keen awareness of the thinking process needed to reach consensus and action, his CBJ Video Summary underlines the modern importance of his improved perceptions.
  • My administrative and clinical tour with Dr. Ronald Dozoretz at Center Psychiatrists in Portsmouth VA [’74 – ’82] significantly contributed to my understanding of the both the usefulness and limitations of hospital psychiatry, and the importance of team play. During my time with Ron, I learned management tools not taught in psychoanalysis, and still appreciate first management opportunities as his partner in those formative years.
  • Working as Chief Psychiatrist with Dr. Daniel Amen in Washington DC [’03 – ’07] provided stimulating connections with a variety of forward-thinking, data-driven mind science colleagues. I’m grateful for that time with our terrific DC team, those most interesting and unique clients, and the many years of working partnership with Daniel. He’s right: brain evidence changes the rules. Amen’s search for documented evidence encouraged my curiosity about mind science – now more precise and molecular than those early days.
  • Today improved molecular evidence from remarkable laboratory assessments learned through my most valuable work with Dr. Bill Walsh at the Walsh Research Institute, takes everyday mind inquires down to a molecular level. Bill is a brilliant yet humble guy, a remarkable researcher with surprisingly accurate biomedical/molecular data, who daily contributes to the necessary evolution of global psychiatric practices. Dr. Walsh’s first Special Introductory Interview on Methylation [1 of 3] is here on CBJ at this link.

Comprehensive Solutions

A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right.
~ Thomas Paine

Join me on our mission here at CBJ to discuss global solutions that arise from provocative new technologies, new diagnostic and treatment options, and new preventative measures for those who suffer in the darkness. I value your partnership on this journey. Together we can make a difference.


If you’re interested in a complimentary, well-organized summary with searchable PDF links to my many ADHD audio and video tutorials on YouTube you can download that helpful list here: http://corepsych.com/details


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