175 Restore Earth Gut & Brain Connections – Bush

restore, brain health, gut health

Restore works to correct gut integrity, gastrointestinal physiology to promote improved nutrition, and it significantly diminishes toxic and immune damage.

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174 Adolescent Brain Development – Coates

adolescent brain, adolescent brain development, transitions

Training and retraining to help adolescents deal with the variety of reality and change challenges. Adolescent brain development requires a solid plan.

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173 School Culture – Leadership & Group Evolution – Bulach

school culture, leadership

The evolution of school culture and school climate is predictably improved by a specific focus on leadership evolution and crisis management on every level – students, teachers, and admin.

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172 Genetic Testing Predictability & Precision – Lombard

genetic testing, genetics, Genomind, cyp450,

Genetic testing improves diagnostic and treatment options far beyond the standard of appearances. Molecular physiology measures provide predictable targets.

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171 Brain Injury Recovery & Prevention – Lewis

brain injury

Brain injury recovery opportunities improve with fresh neurobiological insights regarding the cellular insights translated into street terms.

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