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Walsh, Measures, Nutrients & The Molecular Brain – 2

More than two-thirds [66%!] of persons diagnosed with a behavior or mental disorder exhibit a measurable methylation imbalance. A person’s methyl status is established during the first few months of in-utero development and this condition tends to persist throughout life.
~ William Walsh

Dr. Bill Walsh – Now, more than one year from our first CBJ Episode launch in April ’16, it’s actually ten months ago from our first Nutrient Power interview with Dr. Walsh. Our team thinks this foundational methylation interview bears repeating. Do forward it to your colleagues, the links here in these show notes offer additional resources that take the molecular mind discussion to even deeper, more interesting, more actionable destinations.

Why Send Out A Methylation Replay?

While we won’t share replays often, this meeting with Dr. Bill Walsh sets a standard here at CBJ, a big record. Today, with thousands of downloads in 112 [updated] counties, Bill sets our record with this methylation interview for total Episode downloads – an important landmark regarding a significant shift in the public interest for the growing molecular wisdom with measured applications for improved mind science.

Details and data are in, guesswork is out.

Our Laboratory Measurement Partner – Direct Health Access

Global curiosity for understanding these essential measures of synaptic molecular physiology today set new maps to address the complexity of treatment failure on multiple levels. In addition, our new CBJ Sponsor/Partner, Direct Health Access Laboratory has served for years as our respected laboratory resource to measure that collection of metabolic variables for our direct clinical work. With an international focus and over three million testing reviews, they provide reliable data – almost anywhere. My articulate colleague in Nigeria will soon weigh in here at CBJ on the evolution of testing and mind-science there.

To change your mind, details matter. And thanks, DHA Lab for your support and partnership with our CBJ efforts for more informed care, globally.

Next steps require an informed team to successfully navigate this challenging Path.

Our Walsh History And More CBJ Episode Resources

  1. Methylation – CBJ/025 – First published  June, ’16, ’17, and updated here
  2. Copper & Kryptopyrrole – CBJ/034 | Update CBJ/137
  3. Schizophrenia & Bipolar – CBJ/042
  4. Walsh on The End of Autism – CBJ/141
  5. Walsh Neuroscience Presentation on Bipolar At American Psychiatric Association. [Added 5-20-18]

Methylation Overview: Two-Thirds, 66%, Is A Remarkable Number

methylation, kryptopyrrole, copper, bipolar, schizophrenia, anxiety, william walsh, autism

Parker & Walsh at our first meeting: ACAM 2013

Molecular measures change the rules of the diagnostic and treatment game. Why? Improved target recognition for contributory molecular mind variables offers increased precision and more predictable outcomes.  It’s a terrific honor for me, and for our serious team at CoreBrain Journal, to welcome Dr. Walsh for this second/replay in this special series of three one-hour CBJ indispensable interviews.

Why one hour?

Because Bill’s message is important for many reasons:

  • Fresh, Relevant Data in a rapidly rising sea of excellent biomedical insights improves mind measurement and treatment initiatives for many who suffer from treatment failure.
  • Cost-Effective Measures now reveal molecular patterns of previously under-appreciated brain functions that look on the surface as untreatable – e.g. personality disorders, autism, mood disorders, schizophrenia, cognitive deterioration, “ADHD.”
  • Cost Note: Brain SPECT scan results cost ~ 4000$ often not covered by insurances – helpful, but not as specific as is now possible with molecular testing. I’m experienced with using SPECT diagnostically for the last 14 years. It’s helpful for overcoming denial, and macro brain imbalances from results based upon the rate of metabolism, not as targeted for specific, correctable, molecular imbalances. 
  • Walsh Biomedical Testing with DHA Labs is often covered by insurance = out of pocket for testing in the range of 120$ and reading from $300-450 depending on time/number of tests.
  • Video Overview: See how we work with DHA Labs on this page with a brief video from CorePsych: http://corebrainjournal.com/dha
  • Understandable insights that lead to specific biomedical resolution strategies. Read Dr. Walsh’s book. His molecular view arrives in different language packaging, and yet is quite easily translated into informed, effective clinical care by many.

Detailed Episode Links to Key Points

  • Why consider methylation [3:23]
  • Beyond methylation is the importance of epigenetics [6:08]
  • *Methylation is the dominant factor in neurotransmitter activity [7:15]
  • Examples of treatment failure in the office relevant to methylation [9:11]
  • The controversy, popularity, and limitations of MTHFR genetic testing [11:15]
  • MTHFR details relevant to methylation [11:42]
  • *We can have up to 10 mutations [SNPs] with MTHFR itself [14:00]
  • Specifics on the limitations of genetic testing [15:13]
  • Presynaptic transporter proteins relevant to over and undermethylation [16:11]
  • *Nutrient therapy is different regarding those transporter proteins [19:20]
  • What’s amazing is that some neurons fire several times a second [24:04]
  • The important clinical implications of overmethylation [27:35]
  • *The absolute relevance of understanding methylation balance [31:18]
  • Advantage of the SAMe/SAH Methylation Profile plasma test [33:30]
  • *The value of retesting [40:51]
  • Most CEOs and Doctors are undermethylated [44:22]
  • Walsh personal notes “It’s not just mental” [45:02]
  • Genetics create methylation challenges from birth [47:38]
  • Correcting methylation imbalances over a lifetime [48:17]


Further Methylation Notes From Dr. Walsh In This ‘Transcript’


Our Perspective On Details and Change

…misunderstandings and neglect create more confusion in this world than trickery and malice. At any rate, the last two are certainly much less frequent.
~ Goethe – 1774
Don’t assume bad intentions over neglect or misunderstanding.
~ Hanlon’s Razor – 1990

N.B.: Dr. Walsh has conducted chemical analysis of more than 25 serial killers and mass murderers, including Charles Manson, Richard Speck, James Oliver Huberty, Patrick Sherrill and Arthur Shawcross. He has assisted medical examiners, coroners, Scotland Yard, and the FBI in these forensics studies. He has designed nutritional programs for Olympic athletes, NBA players, major league baseball players, a heavyweight boxing champion, PGA and LPGA golfers, and others.

Listen Up To This Interview: MTHFR  Genetic Testing Controversy Clarified

In this CBJ/025 interview, Dr. Walsh very carefully breaks down clinical/treatment limitations associated with the impressive rise and considerable attention regarding the qualitative findings of MTHFR SNPs. The bottom line: if the results include MTHFR mutations one should not rush to judgment, to the result of using l-methylfolate to address SNP polymorphisms. L-methylfolate treatment can prove unpredictable without knowing the underlying overall quantitative methylation findings through either Whole Blood Histamine or SAMe/SAH ratio measures.

Why? Because it’s methyl – folate that was added, not just folate. I’ve personally seen many patients who have become seriously over-methylated by missing the underlying overmethylation process and adding methylfolate without that awareness. Measured genetic changes don’t always indicate undermethylation as many other factors are at play Whole blood histamine using the Walsh/Pfeiffer protocols as described herein is a more accurate, predictable measurement tool. Details matter.

Specific Folate Notes Relevant to Methylation

Folate lowers serotonin, therefore will likely add to depression and anxiety if the person suffers from undermethylation – in brief undermethylation is more common – Listen to his details for a complete explanation:

  • Undermethylators/high histamine/”histadelia” = with this presentation added folate creates/aggravates symptoms by dropping synaptic serotonin
  • Overmethylators or low folate/low histamine/”histapenia” = here folate helps reduce symptoms by reducing increased synaptic levels

Start With This Important Methylation Finding:

Methylation is a biochemical process of extraordinary importance in human functioning. It may be defined as the addition of a methyl group (CH3) to an atom or molecule. Methyl groups participate in dozens of chemical reactions in the body and brain that are essential to physical and mental health. In addition, methylation status is a major factor in a person’s personality and traits. For example, undermethylation is associated with perfectionism, strong will, high accomplishment, OCD tendencies, and seasonal allergies. Typical features of overmethylation include excellent socialization skills, many friendships, non-competitiveness, artistic or musical interests, chemical and food sensitivities, and a tendency for high anxiety. [1]


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Silicon Valley Institute 2015 | Advanced Nutrient Therapies – Dr. Walsh


Dr. Walsh’s Book & References:

  1. Walsh, Dr. William J. (Updated 2014-05-06). Nutrient Power: Heal Your Biochemistry and Heal Your Brain (p. 184). Skyhorse Publishing – essential. This first link is for paperback & hardcover. Sales here contribute to Dr. Walsh’s Nonprofit Research Group.  This link is for Global Amazon for Kindle & A Free Audible Copy Through This Link.
  2. Walsh Training For Professionals: http://www.walshinstitute.org/ – was in April, ’17. Oak Park, IL – it’s best to connect there with your email to keep posted on the next education session.
  3. Multiple Walsh References and Downloads
  4. Epigenetics – Notes At The Walsh Institute
  5. Advanced Nutrient Therapies For Mental Disorders – Walsh PowerPoint PDF – Nov. 2015
  6. Methylation at Nutrient Power Blog – Diagrams
  7. Epigenetics: The Science of Change – PubMed
  8. Recommended: My Walsh YouTube Video Playlist:
  9. DNA Methylation: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3174260/
  10. Methylation and Autoimmunity: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14585278
  11. Neurotransmitters Methylation and Depression: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18950248
  12. Connections: Providers trained for Walsh Protocols


CorePsych Videos And Multiple How-To Postings – The Walsh Process



CorePsych Tests | Video Explanations



Complimentary 115 Walsh Drawing Closes May 26, ’17

For: Nutrient Power Heal Your Biochemistry and Heal Your Brain

– Enter Here – It’s A Repeat URL from /025 – But is Working Until Closed!




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Again, special thanks again, Bill, for your utilitarian insights on measurable molecular physiology that provides more predictable clinical outcomes.


Next CoreBrain Journal Guest

116 Debbie Hampton – recovered from decades of unhealthy thinking and depression, a suicide attempt, with resulting brain injury to become an inspirational and educational writer on the various brain, psychological, emotional, and mental health issues for Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, and more. In this Episode, Debbie discusses specific, practical interventions she used to overcome dementia, practice techniques directed to brain neuroplasticity, and her nutrition program. She’s passionate about brain recovery and multiple options now available. 


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