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Pregnancy Hormone Imbalances & The Mind – Overlooked

If you or someone you love is (or may be) suffering from a pregnancy, maternal mental illness, contact a healthcare provider you trust, including any professional viewed in this film and Postpartum Support International.
~ Maureen Fura

Maureen FuraProduced, wrote and directed, Dark Side of the Full Moon, following her experience with misdiagnosis in the context of a dramatic emotional crash with her pregnancy. But this documentary will take you further than just pregnancy. Dark Side the first video documentary to expose the lack of care when pregnancy or new motherhood crashes into mental illness in the United States. Her movie serves as a catalyst for social change, inspiring communities to action in closing the gaps in care for women suffering from a maternal mental health complication like pregnancy and postpartum depression with other troubles such as anxiety and psychosis.

Beyond Pregnancy

Yes, hormone challenges confound the lives of women far beyond pregnancy, from menarche into advanced years when hormones aren’t balanced correctly.

Following viewing Dark Side of the Full Moon, communities report increases in funding, the creation of new perinatal specialist positions, changes in behavior from care providers, hospital policy changes, increase in provider training, a decrease in stigma, and residency and university programs curriculum improvements that match this epidemic of misunderstanding and misinformation.

This Episode, this movie, is a game changer for women globally. Listen up, get on these details, and pass them on through your networks below.↓ 


All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.
~ Galileo Galilei


Maureen Fura: The Dark Side of Pregnancy CBJ/091

  • One morning my whole life suddenly changed with this vision [3:38]
  • I went into a severe depression with unrelenting dangerous thoughts related to pregnancy [4:48]
  • The OB-GYN doctor didn’t get it at my 6-week checkup [7:15]
  • My periods were completely normal until my 20’s [10:59]
  • Problems with my first pregnancy – signs of estrogen dominance [13:20]
  • Her evidence of estrogen dominance and Mittelschmerz [1] ovulation phenomenon [14:06]
  • Signs and symptoms before her dramatic crash [17:14]
  • The odd bowel function question [21:30]
  • Her movie: 1.3 million women fall through cracks in the current medical system [29:45]


Pregnancy-References & Website:

Hormones For Women: Previous CBJ Interview

As you well know, every guest here at CBJ reports on their perspective of how to overcome measurable, underlying, overlooked factors that can lead to stigma, dogma, labels and treatment failure. These CBJ Episodes focus on new self-management perspectives. See the references in the show notes here:

  • Dr. Mache Seibel –  Estrogen & Menopause – http://corebrainjournal.com/080 Insightful Harvard professor and author who weighs in on the necessity for estrogen precision. In this Episode, we also touch on estrogen dominance. He firmly attests to the relevance of precise measurement and careful monitoring.


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Next CoreBrain Journal Guest

092 Janet Lee Whitney, MA, LMFT – is a licensed psychotherapist and the author of the book and program entitled Facing Your Fears and Following Your Dreams. Finding a career that creates life satisfaction can be life changing for anyone, and once someone finds the right career, work and play are all one. As the co-owner of a sexual addiction program and director of an eating disorder program, Janet works with individuals, couples, and families in a variety of addiction/recovery challenges. As Program Director of the Eating Disorder Program at Sovereign Health, she and her team create a recovery process that helps instill hope – and belief that there is a better way to deal with the stresses of life. A priority for her program is to provide ways for patients to discover how to live without their focus on food and body image.


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