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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis – Finding Cofactors That Balance Neurotransmitters, Hormones and Energy

When a series of cross-sectional samples of minerals from one individual are taken over time, it becomes possible to see more clearly some important trends which can be interpreted in reference to psychophysiological functions as well as psychoneuroimmunological processes.
~ Rick Malter

Brief About Dr. Rick Malter

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis may at first seem odd – but listen up as Rick Malter, Ph.D., from Cottonwood, Arizona fills in evidential details. Retired clinical and school psychologist, author, and researcher, he provides nutritional consultations using hair tissue mineral analysis and supplements to reduce the intensity of a person’s measured stress reactions. His unique perspective on the relationship between HTMA and specific psychological presentations provides a different, additional, treatable perspective to otherwise refractory, treatment failure, presentations.

Hard evidence, even odd-sounding and unconventional, can make a difference. See the multiple references below to consider this additional tool for evolved evaluations. HTMA reveals far more than simply heavy metal imbalances.

How He Became Interested In HTMA

“In 1980, when I was severely burned out,  with a fasting blood sugar level of 45, a friend and colleague tested my first hair mineral analysis for me. It showed a critically low magnesium level that accounted for my reactive hypoglycemia and brought me precariously close to a sudden fatal heart attack. Magnesium and other supplements normalized my glucose metabolism and drastically reduced my heart attack risk. This led me to read and learn more about hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) and how closely it relates to different aspects of the stress response including the mental aspects. My mentors in hair mineral analysis, Drs. Paul Eck and David Watts, did the pioneering research into understanding the dynamics of the nutrient mineral system and how it is related in a very valid way to both physical and mental health issues.”

Dr Malter’s Books:

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The Best Two Labs For HTMA

  • Trace Elements Laboratory – David Watts PhD, with multiple educational and reference resources. Their reports also provide specific ratios that reveal additional nuanced, correctable clinical challenges.
  • Analytic Research Laboratory – Founded by Paul Eck PhD, with additional, useful references.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis References:


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