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Brain Balance Details
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Brain Balance Challenges Start Early and Stay Late

Disconnected children become disconnected through measurable biomedical brain and body imbalances. From Pervasive Developmental Delay, to Autism, Asperger’s, Dyslexia and ADHD the measurement and intervention tools now remarkably improve treatment outcomes.
– Robert Melillo

There are two possible outcomes: if the result confirms the hypothesis, then you’ve made a measurement. If the result is contrary to the hypothesis, then you’ve made a discovery.
– Enrico Fermi

Treatment Failure: From Discovery To Process

I’ve said it before, and it bears repeating: we live today in a Galileo Mind Moment.

Biomedical body and mind discoveries abound, and yet too often those discoveries do not connect with the necessary next step: a workable treatment process. Dr. Robert Melillo seeks to improve on imprecise, less effective outcomes by providing specific treatment strategies at his 110 Brain Balance Treatment Centers with a more measured, programmatic approach that addresses medical complexity.

Why Galileo? The standard of care for children, quite remarkably in the context of fresh neuroscience discoveries, remains based almost entirely upon visible symptoms and behavioral appearances. Profoundly disconcerting is the automatic application of these superficial assessments for the treatment of more complex developmental challenges with measurable, significant and correctable underlying biomedical imbalances. In this introductory interview we only briefly discuss an overview of Dr Melillo’s work to share additional diagnostic and treatment options.

Ed Note on Brain Balance Details:

His insights, while predominantly directed to early intervention and children, do provide insightful applications for adults as well. Biology is biology at any age.

When you listen to this /010 Episode you’ll soon discover how quickly we bonded on a number of challenging issues witnessed so frequently in every day office practice internationally.  His experience with clinical results runs in the thousands, and with his strong academic background it’s interesting how easily he brings challenging concepts down to an applicable street level. Compassionate and caring, he steps up to make a difference.

His Message In Two Sentences:

Any functional disconnection syndrome requires a full appreciation of each person’s biomedical complexity, from food allergies and immunity, to nutrition, to parenting skills. Careful measurements individualized treatments offer more predictable outcomes.


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