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The Problem With Alcohol is More Than Will – The Biology Will Kill You

Drunkenness is temporary suicide.
– Bertrand Russell

I’m doing the research because I’ve been there. All results point to specific increases in illness and death with alcohol gone wrong. It’s a plague more relevant than AIDS, with far more cost to our society.
– Scott Stevens 

Alcohol Abuse (problem drinkers) and Alcoholism (drinking problems) constitute the top public health and public safety issues in America, to the tune of $220 billion in costs per year. Alcohol overuse is our number one killer and is behind more illness and ER visits than any other aspect of our society including cancer and obesity.
– Scott Stevens

Alcohol & Treatment Failure

So much to say, so little time.

Scott is a former mutual fund executive and journalist who lived through two near death experiences. For years he used his intelligence to deny or diminish his serious alcohol addiction. Listen up on this one as this award-winning author of three books reports on alcohol in a way that many medical folks, including psychiatrists, do not. His is a combination of intellect mastery and street tragedy. His is not a sob story, not a poor wretched me, but rather an intense and thoughtful look at alcohol’s lasting downstream damage to brain and body biology.

He’s taking alcoholic biology on the road – with interesting trench insights of near death on the front lines.

Scott’s reportage marks a poignant, personal sequence of tragic travels through the painful personal process of coming to grips with a workable recovery plan. He’s an intelligent professional who does reconstruct his life by directly facing his biological reality – illuminated in a way that anyone will find hard to deny. The fact that biology does, finally over time, hit you in the face.

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Imagine this is a speaker’s meeting, and you hear the word from a guy who made it, relapsed and made it back again. He can’t tell it all in these 30 mins, but he sure can give you a taste of near death that can help point the way for your recovery. Scott was drinking 86-proof-two-liters a day – and you well know that you don’t have to travel that far down the road to suffer from real heartbreak and problems.

His Message In Two Sentences

The reality of brain and body biology is quite enough to turn you around – if you can admit to yourself, you don’t live outside of biological reality. Recovery goes beyond will/willpower – his message embraces the imperative of brain and body biologic reality.

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Scott’s Books And Connections For Additional  information 

Parker Book On Recovery

More Scott References

  • Scott’s excellent website with more information and connections: http://www.alcohologist.com – Take a moment there to review his unique assemblage of Alcohol & Health Fact Sheets on the Home page – comprehensive and compelling data to overcome denial.


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