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033 Metadarwinism & Hologenomic Evolution Dr Bill Miller

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nutrient specifics, nutritional healing, diet balance, junk food, sugar control

032 Nutrient Specifics Matter Dr Art Capperauld

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combat stress, PTSD, TBI, brain injury,

031 Combat Stress Recovery Dr Bart Billings

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Here we humanize the process, value and utility of neuroscience discovery.

At CoreBrain Journal our mission is simple: Appearances and guesswork are out - predictability, data, experience, focused research and Critical Thinking are in. Join these thought leaders for high value insights on any of your devices here at: iTunes or Google Play - or here below.

The answers you get depend upon the questions you ask.
~ Thomas Kuhn - The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

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Most of the mistakes in thinking are
inadequacies of perception
rather than mistakes of logic.

Edward de Bono

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From Why, To What, To How

Comprehensive solutions provide a worthy objective for us all: let's work together to move mind-science discussions forward from reductionistic labels, beliefs, fantasies, dreams and group-think. It takes a global team to face ever-improving biomedical reality and to understand how to use new mind measurement tools for more predictable outcomes. Here at CoreBrain Journal we connect the benches with the trenches. Here mind pros meet the realities of street life.

Let's Connect To Travel Together

“[We] work together,” I told him from the heart,
“Whether [we] work together or apart.”

Robert Frost

About Dr Parker and CoreBrain Guests

This brief intro tells you some personal notes on how I learned to ask more relevant, more data-driven questions. Short answer: I often missed unseen targets back then.  Now I always use markers to navigate any CoreBrain deep water journeys - to stay away from the rocks. Our remarkable guests contribute exciting new maps for your more meaningful mind travels. They tell us how they learned to find their own ways using fresh tools with different rules.

New ADHD Medication Rules

Brain Science leads to Common Sense solutions. Without clear targets or specific biomedical measures guesswork rules, suffering continues, and lives are diminished. "ADHD" provides an excellent example for the limitations of diagnosis by behavioral appearances. Executive Function remains woefully overlooked and rarely measured. Too many treat thinking without thinking about thinking. Measurable body - biomedical - roadblocks improve the rules of the game.  [Audible, Kindle, Paper]